A revolution against monopolies

After reading an essay by Étienne de La Boétie called Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, I got a strong sense of living in a world in which we are slaves of the decisions that the big corps impose to us.

For example, why are we paying lots of money for an hamburger that was produced spending just a few cents that damages our body? (Instead of eating local and organic food for the same price?)

So here comes the simple idea.

Fight fire with fire

I think the main answer for the question above is simply marketing, corps spend billions of dollars just to influence our mind, while the local farmer cannot use his phone to post some photos of his products on Instagram. What if we could join our forces to help the farmer?

Money vs Safe money

In order to compete with the marketing from huge corporation we would need a lot of money to hire the best marketing companies and pay for the actual space on the media. When it comes to collect money, it is very important that the transactions cannot be censored, that the treasure is safe and that the lenders can decide democratically how to spend it.


Decentralized autonomous organizations are a type of collective that is secure by a software that runs on a decentralized computer called Ethereum. The main features of this kind of software is that it handles natively currencies (also EUR/USD), it cannot be censored and developers can create custom rules to manage the transactions outside from the DAO (for example every lender has to accept the transaction before it can actually be finalized)


We could focus some targeted marketing on a very populated area in which McDonalds is making a lot of money, this could be our first experiment. I don’t know nothing about marketing but I think that a good example could be an advertisment in which we explain (emotionally) the damages from McDonalds while putting in good light organic and healthy food.


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